Call for Paper

For the 2019 Marco Biagi Award

Dear Colleagues,

1. The aims of the conference

Ewan McGaughey

Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law, edited by Hugh Collins, Gillian Lester, and Virginia Mantouvalou

October 29, 2019, will mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the first International Labor Conference (ILC), held in the Pan American Union Building in Washington, D.C., under the nascent International Labor Organization (ILO).

Edoardo Ales, Mark Bell, Olaf Deinert and Sophie Robin-Olivier, eds., International and European Labour Law: Article-by-Article Commentary (Nomos, Hart, Beck, 2018), 1726 p. Analysis by a range of authors on European instruments as well as ILO Conventions.

Anne Trebilcock, ed., Comparative Labour Law (Edward Elgar, 2018), in the research collection and international library of comparative laws series.
Features the editor's introduction to a collection of 32 key articles in the field. 858 p. + i-xxxix.

by Anthony Forsyth

edited by Andrew Stewart, Jim Stanford and Tess Hardy.