Papers and Digital Materials

Author(s)sort descending Title Published Date added File
Jennifer Gordon Roles for Workers and Unions in Regulating Labor Recruitment in Mexico Working paper Aug 6, 2015
Jennifer Gordon Regulating the Human Supply Chain May 17, 2017
Tess Hardy Accountability and the Fair Work Ombudsman Australian Journal of Administrative Law
May, 2011
May 10, 2012
Michael Harper Fashioning a General Common Law for Employment in an Age of Statutes Working paper Nov 19, 2014
Rupert Harwood The impact of the Coalition Government on Disabled Workers: Workplace experiences and Job Quality May 10, 2015
Eva Kocher The App as a Boss? Control and Autonomy in Application-Based Management Working paper Nov 12, 2018
Kevin Kolben Dialogic Labor Regulation in the Global Supply Chain Dec 8, 2015
Kevin Kolben Transnational Labor Regulation and Limits of Governance Theoretical Inquiries in Law
July, 2011
Apr 20, 2012
Kevin Kolben Labor Rights as Human Rights? Nov 18, 2023
Pankaj Kumar Who benefits from the law? Reminisces from fieldwork on contract (Agency) Workers in India Working paper Jul 22, 2015