ETUI Webinar: The labour-environment nexus: Exploring new frontiers in labour law


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October 26, 2023 - 16:00


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ETUI webinar
The labour-environment nexus: Exploring new frontiers in labour law
26 October 2023, 16h-18h CEST (Brussels time)

The contribution of legal scholars to deconstructing the idea of labour as nature’s other and debates on the alleged conflict between the interests of workers and the environment are becoming increasingly important. Environmental problems have never been foregrounded by labour lawyers to the extent they have in the last few years. Among other events, ETUI and Aix-Marseille University organised an international symposium in October 2022 bringing together labour law scholars to reflect on the complex relationship between labour and the environment, in an attempt to elaborate normative and institutional patterns for convergence in the protection of both dimensions.

Many of the papers presented at the symposium have recently been published in a special issue of the International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, with the title ‘The labour-environment nexus: Exploring new frontiers in labour law.’ The aim of this ETUI webinar is to present some of the main findings of the contributions to the issue and the arguments they advance, and to reflect in particular on their implications for trade unions and industrial relations institutions.

The webinar will be in English and interpretation will be provided into Spanish and French.

Introduction to the special issue by Kalina Arabadjieva (ETUI) and Paolo Tomassetti (University of Milan)

Speakers: Guy Mundlak (Tel Aviv University), Valeria Pulignano (KU Leuven)

Discussants: Anne Davies (Brasenose College, University of Oxford), Ben Lennon (ETUC), Anil Verma (University of Toronto)

Discussion with speakers, authors and the audience

The special issue is guest-edited by Kalina Arabadjieva, Alexis Bugada, Consuelo Chacartegui, Paolo Tomassetti and Ania Zbyszewska, with contributions from: Sergio Canalda, Simon Deakin, Elise Dermine, Frances Flanagan, Sandra Fredman, Dieric Guimares, Flavia Maximo, Ana Gomes, Tonia Novitz, Belen Olmos Guipponi, Anil Verma and Ania Zbyszewska

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