International Conference in commemoration of Roger Blanpain: Game Changers in Labour Law - Shaping the future of work


Dates and times: 

November 3, 2017 - 12:30 to November 4, 2017 - 12:00


Collegium Falconis - Law Faculty - KU Leuven
Tiensestraat 41
3000 Leuven


This initiative aims to commemorate the late Emeritus Professor Roger Blanpain (°5 November 1932 – †11 October 2016) by bringing together international scholars and by setting up the 100th Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, a series started under his initiative in the seventies, together with an international conference. We are looking to deal with ‘game changers’ in labour law. This means that we wish to examine evolutions, concepts, ideas or new challenges that we identify as having (had) a major impact on the way how we (have to) understand and approach labour law. While seeking to identify the main game changers in labour law, we are looking for a better insight into problems and challenges and, where possible, we explore new pathways.

We will mainly use a seminar set up. In light of this we wish to offer young researchers (of age or at heart) the possibility to participate free of charge, including the dinner. We have a (limited) number of available places so, for participation, please register via this link:

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