The Race to Regulate AI: Global Comparative Perspectives - Conference


Dates and times: 

June 30, 2022 - 09:30


University of Oxford
Bonavero Institute of Human Rights
OX1 3TF Oxford


As AI systems are quickly becoming ubiquitous in the workplace and beyond, so are the regulatory challenges: across the world, new models have begun to emerge at national, regional, and international levels. There is general consensus that existing instruments are insufficient, potentially even inadequate to deal with the myriad challenges this development poses — but also considerable divergence on what new AI regulatory frameworks should look like.

With the support of the European Research Council, we look forward to welcoming you to Oxford for a high-level conference on June 30, exploring AI regulation through a comparative lens, and examining the extent to which existing and proposed approaches across the world adequately address risks whilst ensuring that can maximise the benefits of AI systems.

Attendance is possible in person or via zoom.

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