Summer School: Global and European Labour Law


Dates and times: 

July 15, 2019 - 09:00 to July 19, 2019 - 17:00


Leiden University
Rapenburg 70
2311 EZ Leiden


The summer school Global and European Labour Law takes a close look at the changing labour market and its implications for labour law from an international, European and transnational law perspective.

Course information
The labour market is changing on many fronts at the same time. Think about digitalization (including platform labour via e.g. Uber, Deliveroo, Helpling, etc.), robotization or Industry 4.0, as well as continuous globalization resulting in globally fragmented services and production processes. These changes affect fundamental notions of labour law, such as employer and employee, but also the reach and effectiveness of national labour laws. These changes not only concern the labour markets of the Western countries, indeed they are universal and affect the labour laws globally. Hence, these changes have also caught the attention of international organizations, especially the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Union (EU).

During the summer school we will focus on the most significant impacts of the changing labour markets on labour law. Everyday one topic is explored in detail. The topics for 2019 include the fragmentation of the employer, the increase of employee-like workers, changing role of industrial relations (or social dialogue), and transnational regulation of labour rights, in particular CSR (corporate social responsibility). The introductions of these topics are followed by lectures providing overviews of the positive laws and policies of the ILO and the EU affected by and dealing with the respective topic. In the afternoons we will have seminars in which the topics are further explored from global and European labour law perspective based on pre-formulated questions and case positions, but leaving also enough room to address specific issues of research and practice brought forward by participants of the summer school. The course also includes one field trip related to one of the topics addressed in the course.

Why this summer school?
This course offers a unique chance to study the impacts of the changing labour market on labour law from the perspective of global and European labour law. The combination of lectures with seminars offers an excellent opportunity to explore and discuss these impacts on specific topics at academic as well as practical level under the guidance of experts in global and European labour law. The course also offers plenty of opportunities to network with fellow students and practitioners from all over the world. Last, but not least, Leiden is a charming place to stay!

Target audience
This summer school is aimed at law students (who have completed at least three years of their degree), young graduates and professionals with a background in law. Applicants with a background in other relevant disciplines that are relevant to the theme of the summer school will be considered as well.

Class size
To ensure active participation and exchange with teaching staff and fellow participants, a maximum of 30 participants will be admitted to this course. The seminars will take place in groups of 5-10 persons maximum, depending on the number of participants.

For information about the summer school, please contact the coordinator dr. B.P. ter haar at

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