WORKERS AND WORKERS ORGANISING IN THE HYBRID AREAS OF LABOUR #4 A multidisciplinary dialogue between sociology and labour law


Dates and times: 

October 27, 2022 - 14:00


University of Milan
Sala Lauree
University of Milan
n/a Milan MI


I am pleased to announce to you all that the four final seminars of the ERC Share project will be held in September and October.

The project is a transdisciplinary, multi-method study on hybrid work areas that focus on working arrangements that destabilise traditional employment relationships. It lasted five years and is now coming to an end. It involved six countries, researchers with different backgrounds and numerous stakeholders.

The workshops aim to present and discuss the overall results of these five years of research.

The full programme is available at
On the same website you can find all the details of the project

In particular, the 4th event to be held on 27 October 2022 will focus on the dialogue between labour law and statistics offering food for thought on how to measure and regulate hybrid areas of work.

It is possible to participate both in-person and online by pre-registering for the event (

I hope you can participate in large numbers and contribute to the debate.
Best Regards,

Pierluigi Digennaro
University of Milan
Erc Share team member.

Avv. Dr. Pierluigi Digennaro

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