“Artificial Intelligence and Labour Law” by Prof. Bernd Waas - Open Access

The HSI Institute for labour and social security law (Frankfurt a. M.) recently published a book on “Artificial Intelligence and Labour Law” by Prof. Bernd Waas.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and has started to change the world. What seemed almost unthinkable yesterday may already be an integral part of everyday life tomorrow. AI is also becoming more and more prevalent in companies. AI applications offer firms but also their employees many opportunities; one need only think of workers’ health protection. At the same time, however, the development brings considerable risks and challenges.

It is these risks and challenges in particular that Prof Waas has addressed. His core questions are: What does AI mean for the protection of employees, for data protection and anti-discrimination laws and their enforcement? What are the challenges for social partners and co-determination? Prof. Waas examines existing legislation and takes a look at the legal framework being negotiated at present.

Please find the book with open access to everyone under the following link:

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