Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting the 5th LLRN Conference in Europe in 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting the 2021 LLRN Conference in Europe

The LLRN Steering Committee calls for Expressions of Interest in hosting the 2021 LLRN Conference. At the last meeting of the Advisory Committee in Toronto in June 2017, it was agreed that the 2021 conference would be held in Europe (for these purposes, we include Britain as part of Europe notwithstanding future developments with Brexit!).

Any person interested in having their institution host the next conference should email their Expression of Interest to me as the Chair of the Steering Committee at the following address, by 17 May 2019:

The Expression of Interest should include information necessary to assist the Steering Committee to determine the venue of the next conference. There are certain minimum requirements for hosting the conference, namely a capacity to hold it at the Law School or University with which the Centre is affiliated, a sufficient number of academic and professional colleagues from the host Law School to organize the event, access to administrative support and other resources necessary to ensure the effective organization of the event and to defray the costs of hosting, and so on. In particular, information about facilities, and their suitability for a conference of the size of the LLRN, and information about any previous large conferences that have been hosted would be helpful. In addition, information about transportation, and suitable hotels for conference accommodation and their proximity to the conference venue would also be useful.

The Steering Committee will then present its recommendation to the Advisory Committee for approval. I anticipate that a decision concerning the location of the 2021 LLRN conference will be announced at this year’s LLRN4 conference in Valparaiso.

Professor John Howe

Chair, Labour Law Research Network Steering Committee