EQUAL - Rivista di Diritto Antidiscriminatorio / EQUAL - Journal of Non-Discrimination Law

Given the importance that Non-discrimination Law has gradually acquired in the panorama of legal studies, we are honored to share the launch of "EQUAL Rivista di Diritto Antidiscriminatorio http://www.dirittoantidiscriminatorio.it/ a bimonthly journal in digital and open access format, published by Pacini Giuridica.

The Journal is now freely accessible on the website www.dirittoantidiscriminatorio.it http://www.dirittoantidiscriminatorio.it/
It consists of Essays and Jurisprudence (in Italian, single-blind referee, with abstract in English) and an international section of Dialogues (mainly in English or French).

All contributions, submitted by invitation or by spontaneous application, will be published in progress, to encourage scientific debate as much as possible.
The same content will also be shared through the free newsletter.

We thank the Scientific Committee, the Review Committee, and the Editorial Board, for having accepted this proposal with enthusiasm and selflessness,
supporting its first steps with recognizable passion and constant support.

Any communication or request can be sent to equal@pacinieditore.it

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