ETUI call for experts to participate in a study on psycho-social risks

We would like to inform you about a possibility to participate in a new research project carried out by the European Trade Union institute (ETUI). We are now establishing a new network of legal experts to carry out a comparative study on Psychosocial Risks (PSR).

We are currently looking for legal experts who could help us to map out national laws, collective agreements and jurisprudence concerning work-related psychosocial risks, since the available studies on the implementation of the framework agreements on stress (2004) and workplace bullying and violence at work (2007) do not provide a complete and updated picture of the situation in the EU27. This mapping exercise will feed into the discussion on the potential adoption of an individual EU Directive on Psychosocial Risks.

National legal experts will provide an overview of the existing national legislations, collective agreements, and jurisprudence in relation to Psychosocial Risks (including stress, workplace bullying and violence at work).

We are therefore looking for experts for all the Member States (EU27). The work is paid, and the experts are asked to prepare a report for their respective country (3-5 pages). We encourage applicants from experts who can cover multiple Member States. We also welcome (and encourage) application from Postgraduate students (Doctoral/PhD or advanced Master level students in law).

The deadline for the application is the 28th of June 2021, and the work should be completed no later than 7th September 2021.

Anyone interested can send their CV with a short statement (max 250words) to me ( Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Dr. Aude Cefaliello

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Application: Jun 28, 2021
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