First Edition of the University of Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal - ‘Better Future for Women and Work’

The U OxHRH J is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the study of international and comparative human rights law.

As an editor of the journal, I'd like to encourage you to submit articles on any relevant topic to the journal for review. Submission guidelines and information about our first edition are available via links in this newsletter.

The first edition arises from the OxHRH partnership with the ILO and the University of Kent on a ‘Better Future for Women and Work.’ The articles explore the complex relationship between women and work including the role of care work (paid or unpaid); the dominance of women in the informal economy and how labour law and protections can moved beyond the employment contract. The inaugural issue brings together a global perspective from scholars in Australia, South Korea, the Commonwealth Caribbean, the Philippines and UK to take steps to create a better future for women at work.

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