ILO Project on OSH

The ILO is currently preparing a global, flagship report on critical workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the safety and health concerns of working during the pandemic, the report will include an in-depth discussion and analysis of occupational safety and health (OSH), in law and in practice, particularly in the context of “essential work”. For these efforts, we are putting together a global team, with participating researchers preparing an analysis on safety and health regulation in the countries for which they have expertise. This input would include an analysis of how OSH regulation has evolved over time to changes in the world of work, the extent to which there has been a move towards a preventative safety and health culture (systems management approach) using risk assessment and involving relevant multiple parties, as well as an evaluation of the experience of such system(s) during the pandemic. More details can be found in the Terms of Reference for the study.

If you are a legal researcher with a background in occupational safety and health and have the time and enthusiasm to be part of this global team, please send your CV to Janine Berg at the ILO: by 25 October 2021. Please specify which country(ies) you could cover in your work. The work will begin in November 2021 and extend into Spring 2022. We will assess potential candidates based on their research profile and knowledge of the topic as well as geographic diversity.

Application: Oct 25, 2021