International Labor Rights Case Law Journal

A triennial publication of the Social Justice Expertise Center and Brill.

Each ILaRC issue contains extracts from recent and noteworthy international and national labor law cases, addressing fundamental rights at the workplace - freedom of association and collective bargaining; the right to strike; the prohibition of forced and child labor; the Elimination of discrimination at the work place; and health and safety at work - with commentaries on several of these cases by leading experts. The relevant cases will be selected from the following bodies, and seminal national supreme or constitutional court decisions will also be included:

- European Court of Justice
- European Court of Human Rights
- European Social Committee
- ILO Committee of Freedom of Association
- ILO Conference Committee on Applications of Standards
- International Court of Justice
- African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
- Inter-American Court of Human Rights
- ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights
- Monitoring/supervisory bodies of various UN human rights treaties.

There are a few ways in which you can become involved in the continuing development of this new journal. You are most encouraged to share new and particularly relevant cases you come across with the editorial team for consideration for inclusion in upcoming issues. And, as already noted, several cases per issue will be the topic of a commentary. These will be prepared by experienced academics and labor rights practitioners with significant expertise in labor law against a . We welcome expressions of interest to join the list of commentators. Commentators will be asked to write short (circa 1500 words) commentaries (case notes) on a specific case, and its implications for the field of international labor law. This does not mean that you will be asked to write a commentary for each issue, but be available to be approached with certain cases that fit within your expertise and, when possible, provide a commentary within a given time-frame, usually one month.

The editorial team can be contacted via