Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for Spanish Labour Law and Employment Relations Journal (SLLERJ). SLLERJ provides comment and in-depth analysis on a wide range of topics relating to labour law, employment law, industrial relations and social security.

by Kazuhide Odaki

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Bamber, G.J., Lansbury, R.D., Wailes, N. & Wright, C.F. (eds), Allen & Unwin, Sydney

ILO publication - Freedom of Association - Compilation of decisions of the Committee on Freedom of Association Sixth edition (2018)

ETUI is currently looking for experts for a project that involves (very short) research assignment (mapping exercise) concerning national rules and provisions governing reimbursement of costs of accommodation, lodging, transport and similar for posted workers.

The U OxHRH J is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the study of international and comparative human rights law.

Shae McCrystal, Breen Creighton and Anthony Forsyth (eds)

Is the system of collective bargaining under the Fair Work Act broken? Both employers and unions think that it is, and that the legislation requires significant amendment. Are they right?

The Department of Mercantile and Labour Law at the University of the Western Cape invites applications for a post-doctoral research fellowship in a multi-disciplinary research project titled Fairwork in the Platform Economy in the Global South, which is supported by the UK Economic and Social Res

A special issue of the journal Jurisprudence has been published, with a book symposium on Ruth Dukes’ The Labour Constitution, with contributions from Karl Klare, Michael Fischl, Judy Fudge, Guy Mundlak and Emilios Christodoulidis.

The Role of Collective Bargaining in Italian Labour Law
Mariella Magnani

Recent developments of Italy’s Industrial Relations System
Francesco D’Amuri,Raffaella Nizzi