New book: The Future of Unions and Worker Representation - Anthony Forsyth


The Future of Unions and Worker Representation: The Digital Picket Line
Anthony Forsyth

This book charts the path to revitalisation for trade unions in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Italy. It examines the examples of innovation and digital campaigning that are enabling unions to build new forms of worker power – and overcome decades of declining membership wrought by neoliberalism, globalisation, and hostility from employers and the state.

This cross-national study provides a rich basis for identifying the combination of reforms, strategies and linkages required to ensure that unions can remain relevant for a new generation of digitally-active workers.

Anthony Forsyth is Professor of Workplace Law at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Feb 2022 | 9781509924974 | 312pp | Hbk | RRP: £85 / $115

Discount Price: £68 / $92

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