New book: Stakeholder Protection in Restructuring

Stakeholder Protection in Restructuring: Selected Company and Labour Law Issues (ed. by Erika Kovács and Martin Winner) has been published by Nomos Publishing.

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Corporate restructurings such as national and cross-border mergers and divisions, as well as cross-border relocations of the seat of the businesses, enable companies to grow and adapt to a changing environment. At the same time, they can have a significant impact on companies’ stakeholders, in particular creditors, shareholders, and employees. The contributions in this book address the challenges labour and company law face in both national and cross-border corporate restructurings.

The papers on labour law deal with two major issues, namely transfers of undertakings and employee participation in the boards. The contributions of Achim Seifert and Erika Kovács provide a critical analysis of the existing and planned European legal framework on employee participation in the boards in case of cross-border corporate restructuring of the company. Edoardo Ales reveals the controversial issues of the Transfer of Undertakings Directive, while Diana Niksova focuses on the cross-border transfer of undertakings. Finally, the papers of Ljubinka Kovačević and Todor Kalamatiev & Aleksandar Ristovski highlight the national pitfalls of the implementation of the European rules on transfer of undertakings.

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