New book: Ulla Liukkunen (ed) Collective Bargaining in Labour Law Regimes A Global Perspective

The volume Collective Bargaining in Labour Law Regimes – A Global Approach edited by Professor Ulla Liukkunen (Springer 2019) offers comparative perspectives on collective bargaining regimes and the changes they are undergoing in twenty-one jurisdictions throughout the world.

This edited book (published by Springer) addresses the theme of collective bargaining in different legal systems and explores legal framework of collective bargaining as well as the role of different bargaining models in domestic labour law systems in altogether twenty-one jurisdictions throughout the world.

Recent development of collective bargaining regimes can be viewed as part of a larger development of labour law models that face increasing challenges caused by globalization and transition of work and workplaces. The book places particular emphasis on identifying and examining most important development trends affecting domestic labour law regimes and collective bargaining and regulatory responses thereto. The analysis offered extents to transnational dimension of collective bargaining.

As the chapters analyse the influence of the legal frameworks of collective bargaining in different countries they provide unique comparative insight into the topic which is central to understanding the function of labour law.

Edited by Ulla Liukkunen, Professor of Labour Law and Private International Law at the University of Helsinki, Docent of the University of Helsinki, Director of the Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture, Leader of two Finnish Academy funded research projects concerning international and comparative labour law, Finnish Academy Research Fellow in labour law, Senior Researcher of the Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence in 2008-2013, Memberships of several international research projects in the field of international and EU labour law, Member of the Board Member of the European China Law Studies Association, Multiple publications in the fields of labour law and private international law, including six monographs, four co-edited books and several peer-reviewed journal articles.