The next e-Academy from the ILO Labour Law and Reform Unit and ITC Turin.

I’m writing you to share with you information about our next e-Academy prepared by ILO Labour Law and reform Unit and ITC Turin.

The Unit provides advice on labour law reforms, and support to establish and improve labour dispute resolution systems. It also engages in research on selected topics within the broad discipline of labour law and labour market regulation. More information on the Unit can be found at:

The Unit has prepared the curriculum for this new training course: Labour Law E-Academy: effective labour regulation for development | ITCILO. It will take place from 5 – to 23 July 2021.

The Academy's program aims to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge required to develop effective labour regulation for development. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on economic, human rights, and legal perspectives on labour regulation. The academy is intended to complement existing course offerings at ITC/ILO. These include courses on international labour standards (for lawyers); on labour economics for development; and on evolving forms of the employment relationship. The goal is to create an experience that brings together a range of key themes in a way that is intellectually coherent, and to articulate and promote an ILO perspective on labour regulation, and its contribution to development. The Academy will provide a global forum to learn from high-level international experts, discuss and share experience with practitioners, and to test practical approaches and innovative methodologies. The academy is planned to be held in English, Spanish and French.

Application: Jun 28, 2021
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