PhD vacancy at Utrecht University

Utrecht University has a PhD vacancy on an interdisciplinary research combining Labour Law, Social Security Law and Tort Law.

Would you like to do an interdisciplinary PhD research combining labour law, social security and tort law? Are you interested in doing advanced empirical legal research? Then you should consider applying for this PhD project within the innovative research cluster ERI on empirical legal research into institutions for conflict resolution.

The focus of the project is on institutional support for workers with low quality jobs, who experience negative effects of their job on their health and/or on their prospects for employment. The question is how existing institutions, as enshrined in labour law, social security and tort law, may compensate for these detrimental effects. Such compensation may assist in finding new employment or safeguarding financial security. On the one hand, the project reviews existing institutional support for certain groups of workers, that will be selected together with the prospective PhD candidate. On the other hand, the project assesses how these institutions provide this support in practice, for instance by interviewing workers and/or professionals in the field.


Within your PhD research you will combine insights from labour law, social security law and tort law. Therefore, you should have expertise in at least one of these legal fields, as well as have an interest in combining different legal disciplines. Moreover, you should be interested in doing empirical legal research, in order to assess how workers get or perceive support in practice. This means that you will combine knowledge from ‘knowledge from law books’ with ‘law in practice’.

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Sonja Bekker

Application: Jul 7, 2021
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