Reminder - ADAPT's Conference: What do workers want today? An Interdisciplinary Reflection on Representation, Industrial Relations and Labour Law

This is a gentle reminder that the 2024 edition of the International Conference promoted by ADAPT, What do workers want today? AnInterdisciplinary Reflection on Representation, Industrial Relations andLabour Law, will take place from 4 to 6 December 2024 in Bergamo (Italy).

ADAPT’s InternationalSchool of Higher Education in Labour and Industrial Relations invitesscholars and researchers to provide their contributions on workers’ currentneeds, the collective dimension of work, and the relevant factors enhancingpeople’s work, fostering personal fulfilment and professional identity, andcreating sustainable and inclusive labour markets. A comparative andinterdisciplinary approach will be taken, given the different aspects consideredin this conference. The following researchtracks will be considered:

- Track 1 – What do workers want from labour law?
- Track 2 – Artificial Intelligence (AI): moving beyond technological unemployment to address job quality
- Track 3 – Trade unions and employers’ associations promoting education and training: decline or revival?
- Track 5 – Workers and industrial relations against the background of the socio-ecological transition
- Track 6 – Lifelong learning as a key to workers’ empowerment
- Track 7 – Representation, communication and languages: collective interests and disintermediation in the age of social media
- Track 8 – Workers' interests and collective bargaining: wage issues and social (in)security
- Track 9 –Equality of opportunity in the labour market and the role of social dialogue
- Track 10 – Local dynamics for competitive, inclusive and sustainable labour markets

Abstractsmust be submitted by 31 May 2024 through the Abstract Submission Portal, which also contains the submission instructions,while the full version of accepted papers should be sent by 31 October 2024.

Participation in the conference is free; travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by each participant. A limited number of grants to partiallycover travel costs will be made available to early career researcherswhose abstracts are regarded as particularly innovative. Applicationfor access to the grant to partially cover travel costs must be received at thesame time the abstracts are submitted, by sending an email to:

Fill out the following on-line form to registerand attend the event:

For further information, please send ane-mail to:

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference!

Abstract submission: May 31, 2024
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