Riccardo Del Punta Prize for essays by young scholars

Labour Law Community (LLC) in partnership with Riccardo Del Punta’s family have established an award in memory of Riccardo Del Punta: the " Riccardo Del Punta PRIZE for essays by young scholars in the fields of labour law, industrial relations, and social security law”

Here is the selection procedure (nomination).

The following scholars will be able to participate in the nomination procedure:

a) members of LLCs (without limits of academic or professional affiliation),

b) female and male scholars (including non-LLC members) in various capacities in Italian or foreign universities: full or associate professors (including retired), female and male researchers, research fellows, PhD students or PhDs continuing their academic career (for foreign university female scholars, reference will be made to equivalent qualifications).

Those wishing to participate must access the relevant FORM on the LLC website: there, they must certify their qualification and indicate the nominated essays, up to a maximum of three, providing any useful information to find them and the academic or professional status of the author. The appointment procedure can be carried out only once, on the basis of the appropriate form.

The indication may be accompanied, if desired, by a brief motivation for the selection.

Essays/articles by any author whose academic affiliation is known or verifiable belonging to the category of “young scholars”, meaning those who are at the beginning of their academic career, may be nominated.

Those wishing to participate to the nomination procedure will be asked to indicate essays by female or male scholars affiliated to Italian or foreign universities in the forms indicated above, with the exclusion of authors who are full or associate professors (or equivalent positions in foreign academic systems).

For Italian scholars, the academic status can be verified at this LINK.

The selection of essays takes place in two stages.

In a first phase, Italian or foreign scholars who intend to participate must access the LLC website to make their nominations, by 20 October 2023, at this ADDRESS: https://www.labourlawcommunity.org/news-eventi/cat-call/premio-riccardo-...

Indicatively, and in the inspiration of the method so often practiced by Riccardo Del Punta, it is requested that contributions going beyond apurely descriptive approach are privileged in the selection and, albeit in the synthetic form of the essay (of a more or less large dimension), constitute a significant contribution to the scientific debate, stimulate reflections and deserve discussion, or are even characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, the enhancement of the comparative perspective or openness to reflection even beyond national borders, openness to epistemological and value debates, etc.

The essays must have been published in the calendar year preceding that of the selection (referring to the date of publication of the journalissue or other publication, regardless of the actual moment in which they were made available).

For the first edition, the year of publication must be 2022

These must be essays in Italian or in another language among English, French, and Spanish, published in scientific journals (including non-level A, and also outside the IUS/07 scientific sector), Italian or foreign, in print or on the web, or in collective volumes, collections of essays, encyclopaedias or treatises, etc. Articles in the form of a paper are also admitted, provided they are publicly available and in a definitive version.

Those who participate in the nomination procedure undertake on their honour to proceed with the nominations regardless of the personal and academic relationships with the author, as well as the academic affiliation of the authors to one or the other group, school, university, scientific association, etc.

LLC undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the nominations made by each participant, disclosing only the summary data of the nominations.

The five essays that collect the highest number of nominations will be admitted to the evaluation; where, among the five most nominated essays,there is not at least one essay by a foreign author, the first four and the most nominated of the essays by foreign authors will be selected; in the absence of essays by foreign authors, the fifth most nominated essay will still be admitted. In the event that for the purposes of the selection more essays are identified with the same number of nominations, a drawing of lots will be carried out for those to be admitted to the evaluation.

The evaluation of the essays thus selected will be carried out by a commitee, appointed by the Executive Board of LLC, of five members chosen among associate and full professors of the sector, active or retired, including possibly foreigners (with knowledge of the Italian language), in respect of gender balance. In addition to the five members, the pro-tempore President of LLC will also be part of the Commission. In the event of a tie, that of the President of the LLC will be worth double.

The Commission will autonomously assess the nominated essays, identifying the one worthy of the prize. The prize may also be awarded ex aequo to several essays (with distribution of the available amount).

The prize is determined for 2023 (essays published in 2022) in the sum of 3,000.00 euros.

The "Riccardo Del Punta" Prize is funded by LLC Labor Law Community and by the family of prof. Riccardo Del Punta

Adalberto Perulli Full Professor of Labour Law Department of Economy Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Application: Oct 20, 2023
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