Issue 2020/4 of the International Labour Review
on "Transnational futures of international labour law", guested-edited by
Prof. Adelle Blackett (McGill University), will be free to access until 31
March 2021.

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Collective Bargaining and the Gig Economy: Actors

Thomas HAIPETER - Feliciano IUDICONE:
New Social Initiatives on Cloud - and Gigwork - Germany and Italy Compared

The volume ´Employment and Private International Law´, edited by Ulla Liukkunen, has been published in the Private International Law Series of Edward Elgar Publishing in December 2020.

Two new books launched this year with the prestigious publisher Routledge.

1. "Labour Law and the Gig Economy: Challenges posed by the digitalisation of
labour processes".
Edited by Jo Carby-Hall and Lourdes Mella Méndez.

Peer review country reports on platform work are now available at:

The UK Department of International Trade are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified candidates who would like to be nominated to these rosters of arbitrators.

In Beyond the Algorithm: Qualitative Insights for Gig Work Regulation, Deepa Das Acevedo and a collection of scholars and experts show why government actors must go beyond mass surveys and data-scrubbing in order to truly understand the realities of gig work.

A new book series has just been launched: Studies in Law and Social Justice. Here is the information on the series:

Dear friends and colleagues,

My book, Law, Migration and Precarious Labour: Ecotechnics of the Social, is out this week (Routledge).

The ETUI is looking for experts with an academic background in law for the research project

"Mapping the rules on posting and short-term migration of third country nationals (TCNs): the legal framework and practice in the EU and EFTA countries".