In order to improve the quality and efficiency of youth employment, this book examines the cases of the Romanian labour market and of youth employment performance.

International PhD School in Human Capital Formation and Labour Relations of ADAPT and CQIA, University of Bergamo (Italy)

New book by D Du Toit and M Potgieter published by Juta.

Just published: E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies, May-June 2014, Volume 3, Issue No. 2.
Ana Cristina Ribeiro Costa, Moral Harassment under Portuguese Law: One Step Behind?

By Carla-Anne Harris Roper and Natalie Corthesy

New book by Ralf Rogowski

The Labour Law Research Network acknowledges exceptional life-time contributions to labour law scholarship by bestowing the LLRN Award for Distinguished Contributions to Labour Law.

New PhD Fellowship at NUI Galway
‘Employment Relations and Labour Law’

Recently published by the Pretoria University Law Press:
Exploited, undervalued - and essential: Domestic workers and the realisation of their rights, edited by Darcy du Toit.

Hart Publishing has recently published "Discrimination, Equality and the Law" by Aileen McColgan.