Author: Rebecca Zahn

New book written by Lyn K L Tjon Soei Len

An edited collection of contributions from leading Australian and international labour law scholars, based on papers delivered at a conference to mark the 21st birthday of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law.

The book is the first Canadian text to explore all three regimes of work law - common law, regulatory law, and collective bargaining law - in depth and through a methodology that emphasises the interactions between the three regimes.

Volume 33 (2017)

Please see attached the advertisements for two positions at the ILO in Geneva.

One is a reasonably senior post in the Labour Law and Reform Unit.

The other is a less senior post in the Research Department.

We would like to draw your attention to a new publication on the European Social Charter and the Employment Relation (edited by N. Bruun, K. Lörcher, I. Schömann and S. Clauwaert).

Edited by Ann Numhauser-Henning

To stimulate scholarly activity and broaden academic interest in comparative labour and employment law, the International Association of Labour Law Journals announces a Call for Papers for the 2017 Marco Biagi Award.

Edited by Simon Archer, Daniel Drache and Peer Zumbansen