DIGITAL: Interview with Leïla Chaibi on her Proposal for a Directive on digital platform workers (in French)


Silvia Borelli

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Friday, November 27, 2020


the Labour Law Community - LCC is glad to present the 2nd interview of its series, between Silvia Borrelli and Leïla Chaibi. Leïla Chaibi is member of the European Parliament in the GUE/NGL group and, on 16 November 2020, presented a Proposal for a Directive on digital platform workers, with the idea of influencing the several projects on this topic announced by the European Commission (which, as you know, has the power of legislative initiative). Leïla Chaibi's proposal aims to ensure the "protection of digital platform workers by aligning their labour and social rights with those of all other workers" (Art.1.1). Moreover, the Proposal establishes some specific rules on data protection and on the algorithm used to assign work shifts and delivery, and to evaluate workers’ performance. The interview is in French, and you can watch it on LLC youtube channel: You can read the proposal at the following link: