The Normativity of Core Labour Standards through their inclusion in labour provisions of international Trade Agreements: Towards General Principles of International Law


Laura Bisiani
Working paper


Date added: 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023


In 1998, Core Labour Standards have been elevated to the status of “fundamental principles and rights at work” by the International Labour Organization, on the justification that they are enshrined within the core values of the international labour law regime, which allow them to operate as functional and reconciliating principles. It seems by the recent overwhelming practice, that they possess an unexpected force of social attraction in shaping the current legal order. With these considerations in# mind, this research investigates the normative status of Core Labour Standards. After examining the way they came into being, their incorporation into treaties and agreements, and the ways in which they be can subsumed under the tradition sources of international law, we will conclude that Core Labour Standards operate as general principles of international law, arising from an social and cultural value of the internationalsociety.