A White Paper on White Paper on 'The Covid Pandemic's Impact on Work Law' with student input at the University of Iowa


Lea VanderVelde


Date added: 

Friday, March 12, 2021


Available at: https://vandervelde.studio.uiowa.edu/sites/vandervelde.studio.uiowa.edu/files/wysiwyg_uploads/white_paper_version_10.pdf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World of Work How Covid is Changing Employment Law Employment Law responds to major upheavals, and this year, due to the pandemic, we saw that happen in real time. This is a White Paper produced by compiling research from the students in my Fall 2020 Employment Law course. Because the rate of change so dynamic, and so profound it is straining the systems of legal ordering. We share this White Paper with practicing lawyers, industry leaders, workers’ groups, and policy makers to demonstrate the breadth of change in the overall picture of the world of work. I am proud of each of the contributors: Michaela Crawford, Nicholas Day, Scott DuPlessis, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Kevin Illg, Tanner Krob, Chandler Mores, Peter Murray, Isabella Neuberg, David Salmon, Kevin Sharp, Hayley Sherman, and Jacklyn Vasquez