Papers and Digital Materials

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Valerio De Stefano, Sara Slinn, Eric Tucker International Symposium on New Perspectives on Worker Subordination at Osgoode Hall Law School (Toronto) Jan 30, 2023
Valerio De Stefano Crowdsourcing, the Gig-Economy and the Law. Jun 3, 2016
Valerio De Stefano, Mathias Wouters Should Digital Labour Platforms be Treated as Private Employment Agencies? Apr 29, 2019
Valerio De Stefano A Research Agenda for the Gig-Economy and Society - VIDEO Oct 1, 2021
Valerio De Stefano “Negotiating the algorithm”: Automation, artificial intelligence and labour protection Working paper Jul 24, 2018
Guy Davidov DIGITAL: Enforcement of and Compliance with Labour Laws Nov 13, 2020
Guy Davidov, Tammy Katsabian Flexibility, Choice and Labour Law: The Challenge of On-Demand Platforms Mar 16, 2022
Guy Davidov Indirect Employment: Should Lead Companies be Liable? Working paper Jul 13, 2015
Guy Davidov, Maayan Niezna Consent in Contracts of Employment Apr 19, 2023
Guy Davidov The Goals of Regulating Work: Between Universalism and Selectivity Forthcoming in
University of Toronto Law Journal
Dec 21, 2012