Sayonara Da Silva

Sayonara Grillo leads the research group Cirt- Configurações Institucionais e Relações de Trabalho, which has been developing the following research: Mapping the Senses of Labor Reform and Labor Law of exception and Institutional reconfigurations and decent work: a study on the outsourcing of human labor in contemporary Brazil. It also works together with the Zogris Team (Grey Zone of Employment) - Lise/Cnam - Paris, France and It’s part of the Interdisciplinary Network of studies in outsourcing, along with 20 institutions in many Latin American countries ( It hosted in the 2019 the National Conference of the Renapedts (National Network of Labour Law Research Groups). The research groups is recognized by the National Research Institute (CNPq) and is a member of the Renapedts (National Network of Research in Labour Law).

Prof. Sayonara Grillo Da Silva
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s Labour Law Graduate Program (Programa de pós-gradução em Direito da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)



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