Call for papers - Social Insurance. Theory and Practice - Social protection in times of plague

The scientific editors of this issue are Michał Rutkowski (World Bank) and Krzysztof Hagemejer (Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sigg, chairman of the "International Social Security Review").

The journal “UbezpieczeniaSpołeczne. Teoriaipraktyka” [Social Insurance. Theory and practice] plans to publish a special issue devoted to an analysis of COVID-19 induced responses in the form of social insurance
schemes', labourmarket policies, social assistance, other non-contributory cash transfers and the overall social protection system action employed to deal with the pandemic and the related lockdowns as well as the other
restrictions on economic activity –as witnessed in Poland, Europe, countries of the Global North and the Global South. We are actively seeking and heartily welcome the submission of relevant, critical and high
quality analytical research that addresses, among other things, the following:
• social insurance short-term benefit schemes (in particular sickness and childcare benefits) –issues related to the adequacy and appropriateness of benefit design, of the speed of claim processing, and its financing,
• unemployment benefits versus policies aimed at the prevention of lay-offs (wage subsidies, the suspension (wavering) of taxes and contributions, partial unemployment schemes, job-sharing etc.,
• income security in times of reduced income from labour–the roles of social insurance versus social assistance, respectively the roles of universality vs. targeting, as well as assessments of reform experiences and the conclusions drawn to make social protection systems more responsive to all kinds of future crises and shocks,
• inequalities and discrimination in the coverage and effectiveness of protection: people with disabilities, urban versus rural populations, migrants (domestic and international), the self-employed,the informally employed (both in the formal and informal economy), persons with atypical employment relationships etc.,
• gender inequities in terms of the economic burden of the crisis, protectionneeds, coverage, the adequacy of benefits paidetc.,
• situation of workers employed in health care, long-term care and other social services (social workers etc.),
• innovations in social protection administration (contribution collection, claim processing, delivery and payment systems, targeting, the interoperability of data bases, grievance mechanisms etc.), especially the role of auto-enrolment and computerization in claim processing and digital delivery.

The issue will be published in English.

We will be grateful for forwarding this message to people or institutions that would be interested in cooperation and final publication.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: January 31, 2022.

Deadline for publication: summer / fall 2022

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Robert Marczak

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Papers submission: Jan 31, 2022
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