New book - Bernd Waas (ed.) Restatement of Labour Law in Europe Volume III: Dismissal Protection

The book is part of the project “Restatement of Labour Law in Europe”, which aims to carve out the structures of national regulations and to identify similarities and differences in a Europe-wide view.

The book brings together reports on dismissal law from 36 countries, including all Member States of the European Union. The relevant law is examined in full, with the reports following a uniform structure, which facilitates access. The book also provides a comparative overview. The similarities and differences identified are presented in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.

The editor, Prof Dr Bernd Waas, is an internationally recognised expert in the field of comparative labour law. The contributions are written by renowned labour lawyers who have been working together in the European Labour Law Network for many years: José João Abrantes, Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Edoardo Ales, Diego Álvarez Alonso, Helga Aune, Kadriye Bakirci, Rita Canas da Silva, Emilia D’Avino, Tomas Davulis, Corina Demetriou, Raluca Dimitriu, Kristīne Dupate, Matleena Engblom, Joaquín Garcia Murcia, Elena Gerasimova, Ivana Grgurev, Martin Gruber-Risak, Leifur Gunnarsson, Guus Heerma van Voos, Inga Björg Hjaltadóttir, Petr Hurka, Andreas Inghammar, Senad Jašarević, Benjamin Jones, Todor Kalamatiev, Anthony Kerr, Francis Kessler, György Kiss, Polonca Končar, Nikita Lyutov, Lorna Mifsud Cachia, Leszek Mitrus, Natalie Videbaek Munkholm, Rahel Aina Nedi, Costas Papadimi triou, Wolfgang Portmann, Jean-Luc Putz, Wilfried Rauws, Aleksandar Ristovski, Iván Antonio Rodríguez Cardo, Robert Schronk, Vesna Simović-Zvicer, Krassimira Sredkova, Gaabriel Tavits, Nicos Trimikliniotis, Ivana Vukorepa and Bernd Waas.

2022, XXIII, 1392 pages.
Hardcover, € 240.00 *€ 190.00
In cooperation with Hart Publishing and Nomos.
ISBN 978-3-406-78897-0

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