Report of the Panel of Experts - EU-Korea FTA

On 25 January 2020, the expert panel report on the dispute regarding treatment of collective labour rights under the EU-Korea FTA was published.

The European Commission has said in its own statement:
'The panel report published today confirms the EU’s concerns that Korea has not acted consistently with its trade and sustainable development obligations under the EU-Korea trade agreement. The independent Panel concluded that Korea needs to adjust its labour laws and practices and to continue swiftly the process of ratifying four fundamental International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions in order to comply with the agreement.'
See the fuller press release at:

Chaired by Dr Jill Murray (Senior Fellow, Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, the University of Melbourne), the report contains significant findings regarding international standards concerning freedom of association, including the relevance of worker status and regulation of trade unions, which may provide also a reference point for other disputes in other contexts.

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