Special issue of the UK Industrial Law Journal - Covid-19, Labour Law, and the Renewal of the Social State

The UK Industrial Law Journal's December 2020 issue (now published) is focussed on 'Covid-19, Labour Law, and the Renewal of the Social State'. Edited by Simon Deakin and Tonia Novitz, this special issue contains two significant contributions to analysis of the UK's failings in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, from the perspectives of labour law and social welfare governance:

Covid-19 and the Failure of Labour Law: Part 1 (with a further Part 2 to come)
by K D Ewing and Lord Hendy


The Governance of Covid-19: Anthropogenic Risk, Evolutionary Learning, and the Future of the Social State
Simon Deakin and Gaofeng Meng
For their blog 'Re-learn how to govern risk', see https://www.cam.ac.uk/stories/beyond-the-pandemic-govern-risk

The introduction by Simon Deakin and Tonia Novitz can be accessed free online at: https://academic.oup.com/ilj/issue/49/4