Papers and Digital Materials

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Veena Dubal The Drive to Precarity: A Political History of Work, Regulation, & Labor Advocacy in San Francisco’s Taxi & Uber Economies May 17, 2017
Lance Compa Migrant Workers in The United States: Connecting Domestic Law with International Labor Standards: The Piper Lecture Sep 26, 2017
Victor Raduan da Silva, Antonio Rodrigues de Freitas The uberization of work and the legal regulation: the challenge of labor protection in semi-peripheral economies Working paper Sep 26, 2017
Sean Cooney, John Howe, Petra Mahy, Richard Mitchell The Plural Regulation of Work: A Pilot Study of Restaurant Workers in Indonesia Nov 8, 2017
Federico Mucciarelli Employee Insolvency Priorities and Employment Protection in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom Nov 9, 2017
Nicolas Bueno From the Right to Work to Freedom from Work: Introduction to the Human Economy Nov 15, 2017
Laurie Berg, Bassina Farbenblum Wage Theft in Australia Jan 8, 2018
Silvia Rainone The Evolution of EU Primary Law And The Court of Justice’s Interpretation Of Workers’ Rights Focus on Workers’ Rights Relating to Business Restructurings Working paper Jan 8, 2018
Sean Cooney, Tess Hardy, John Howe, Ingrid Landau Trade Unions and the Enforcement of Minimum Employment Standards Working paper Apr 9, 2018
Sean Cooney, Tess Hardy, John Howe The Transformation Of Enforcement Of Minimum Employment Standards In Australia:
A Review Of The Fwo’s Activities From 2006-2012 Working paper Apr 9, 2018