Papers and Digital Materials

Author(s) Title Published Date addedsort descending File
César Rosado Marzán Organizing Unions in the U.S. with International Framework Agreements: An Exploratory Study Forthcoming in
California Irvine Law Review
Mar 11, 2013
Matthew Finkin Employee Self-Representation and the Law in the United States Forthcoming in
Osgoode Hall Law Journal
Mar 15, 2013
Einat Albin The Case of Quashie: Between the Legalisation of Sex Work and the Precariousness of Personal Service Work Forthcoming in
Industrial Law Journal
Apr 5, 2013
Diamond Ashiagbor Unravelling the embedded liberal bargain: Labour and social welfare law in the context of EU market integration Forthcoming in
European Law Journal
Apr 22, 2013
Kevin Banks Must Canada Change Its Labour and Employment Laws to Compete with the United States Working paper May 17, 2013
Kevin Banks The Role and Promise of International Law in Canada's New Labour Law Constitutionalism Working paper May 29, 2013
Joellen Riley Beyond Contract: Reconceptualising the Fundamentals of the Law of Work Working paper Jun 17, 2013
Hila Shamir A Labour Paradigm for Human Trafficking UCLA Law Review
October, 2012
Jun 25, 2013
Steven Willborn Labor Law and the Race to the Bottom Working paper Jul 5, 2013
Juan Pablo Landa Models of Governance for Industrial Companies and Corporations in the Global Era of Capitalist Sustainable Production Working paper Jul 5, 2013