Ulla Liukkunen

Professor of Labour Law and Private International Law at the University of Helsinki. Docent of the University of Helsinki. Director of the Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture. Leader of two Finnish Academy funded research projects concerning international and comparative labour law (funding 1 060 000 euros). Finnish Academy Research Fellow in labour law. Senior Researcher of the Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence in 2008-2013.

Professor Liukkunen has conducted a large Finnish Work Environment Fund funded research project titled: 'Managing the Social Dimension of Globalization from the Point of View of Cross Border Restructuring and Services'.

Holder of several scientific positions of trust, including Membership of the Scientific Council, University of Helsinki, and memberships of international research projects in the field of international and EU labour law.
Member of the Finnish Committee for Confirming the General Applicability of Collective Agreements; Member of the Market Court; Vice Member of the Labour Court.
Member of the Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis.
Nominated as the General Rapporteur of International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL) XXth World Conference, Fukuoka 2018 with the theme 'The Role of Collective Bargaining in Labour Law Regimes'.

Member of the Board Member of the European China Law Studies Association.

Multiple publications in the fields of labour law, transnational law and private international law, including six monographs (books), six international co-edited books and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Prof. Ulla Liukkunen
Helsinki Labour Law Research Group
Member of the Advisory Committee