ETUI Call for Experts

The ETUI is looking for experts with an academic background in law for the research project

"Mapping the rules on posting and short-term migration of third country nationals (TCNs): the legal framework and practice in the EU and EFTA countries".

The project will examine national law and practices regarding short-term migration and posting of third country nationals (TCNs) in EU 27, Norway and Iceland. The experts will be asked each to deliver a country report, providing comprehensive information about the rules in effect at national level, and should thus have the necessary skills to conduct legal research based in a specific legal system. The experts may also be doctoral or very advanced Master level students in law.

For a detailed description of the project, the task and the conditions please have a look at the Call for Experts attached to this email. Please apply by sending a short CV to, no later than 30 November 2020.

Application: Nov 30, 2020