Labor Rights Case Law journal - All three issues of Volume 1 can be accessed online

The Social Justice Expertise Center is delighted to update you on the International Labor Rights Case Law journal. We are happy to inform you that currently all three issues of Volume 1 can be accessed on the journal’s webpage: . The decisions contained in the latest issue -1:3- are accompanied by the following commentaries:

· The U.S. NCP Nissan Decision in the context of the OECD Guidelines by Lance Compa (Cornell University, U.S.A)

· The Freedom of Association in Swaziland by Marius Olivier (Northwest University, South Africa; University of Western Australia, Australia)

· Freedom of Association in El Salvador by Alan Bogg (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

· The ILO Committee on Freedom of Association and the Union’s Regulation in Egypt by Josefa D. Ruiz-Resa (University of Granada, Spain)

· Concentrated ILO Supervision of Migrant Rights in Qatar by Lee Swepston (University of Lund, Sweden)

· Maternity Leave and Discrimination before the European Court of Justice: Clarity Still Required by Sarah the Groof (KU Leuven, Belgium)

· Harm Inflicted in the Course of Employment does not Always Arise out of Employment: MEC for the Department of Health v. D […] N[…] by Rochelle le Roux (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Please be informed that all these commentaries and their corresponding (court) decisions can be freely accessed on the Brill webpage after registration (via ACCESS TOKEN: ILRC4u). We would like to reiterate that we welcome you to inform us of recent decisions of (quasi) judicial bodies which you believe have transnational implications for the implementation/interpretation of fundamental labor rights (Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining; Right to Strike; Prohibition of Forced and Child Labor; Prohibition of Discrimination at the Workplace and Health and Safety at Work). You are also very much encouraged to inform us if you would like to be approached for future commentaries.

Last but not least, please follow us on Twitter ( ) if you are interested in receiving regular updates concerning the journal and the commentaries included in there.

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