'Worlds of Labour' - Research Project vacancies at Bremen University

Professor Dr. Ulrich Mückenberger from the University of Bremen wishes to inform colleagues in LLRN of a major new research centre (CRC 1342) on social policy (incl. labour law and policy) at Bremen university, recently approved by the German Research Society ("Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft"), on the Global Dynamics of Social Policy (http://www.socialpolicydynamics.de/index_en.html).

Funding covers the first four years for 15 projects with about 60 scientific principal investigators and collaborators, with the possibility of renewal. The CRC primarily comprises political scientists, as well as other disciplines are sociology, geography, history, new media, and law.

Ulrich co-directs the project on "Worlds of Labour", the only labour-centered project of the CRC, with a labour market scholar, PD Dr. Irene Dingeldey. They are able to hire one Post-Doctoral scholar (social science-oriented lawyer) and two PhD-scholars (one law, one political science/sociology) for up to four years. They intend to draw up an interactive and historically oriented electronical world-map of social policy and labour law, so they are looking for people with good expertise in media and data coding. Further information about the opportunity is appended. The advertisement is available online at the website of the CRC, and via the list of vacancies at the University of Bremen and is appended for ease of reference (http://www.uni-bremen.de/en/university/the-university-as-an-employer/job...).

A major international conference will also be held from 25 – 26 October 2018, presenting the new CRC to the global scientific community (between 200 and 300 experts from all over the world).

Application: Feb 20, 2018
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