Editors: Katherine Stone, Emanuele Dagnino, Silvia Fernández Martínez

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The Institute of Labour Law and Civil Law at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in Germany chaired by Professor Dr.

The International Labour Office has released a report analysing non-standard employment around the world, today.

Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace by Lucy Vickers (2nd Edition)

The Department of Business Law is offering one doctoral position in the research area of Business Law, with a focus on international labour law for a Doctor of Laws or a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Law degree.

The Right to Privacy in Employment A Comparative Analysis by Marta Otto

Extending Working Life for Older Workers: Age Discrimination Law, Policy and Practice by Alysia Blackham

By Susan Bisom-Rapp and Malcolm Sargeant

In many countries, including the United States, women are significantly more likely to fall into poverty in retirement than are men. Understanding why this is so and what can be done about it is the aim of this new book.

Edited by Herwig Verschueren. This book discusses the issue of these links and, more specifically, the question of how EU law defines the link needed to obtain the right to reside in a Member State and the right to social and employment protection in that State.