Authors: Kumar Pankaj, Singh Jaivir

Dr. Bazzani Tania and Prof. Singer Reinhard (eds) - Authors: Prof. Ales Edoardo, Dr. Bazzani Tania, Prof. Prassl Jeremias, Prof. Risak Martin, Prof. Bernd Waas, Prof. Weiss Manfred,

Dear colleagues,

Italy’s Industry 4.0 Plan: An Analysis from a Labour Law Perspective
Francesco Seghezzi, Michele Tiraboschi

Industry 4.0 and Human Resources Development: A View from Japan
Michela Riminucci

On the website of Social Law Department at Leiden Law School three Top-Lectures on "Social Justice and International
Labour Law” are made available.

The Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal recently introduced a new section of the Journal’s website entirely devoted to Dispatches.

Professor Dr. Ulrich Mückenberger from the University of Bremen wishes to inform colleagues in LLRN of a major new research centre (CRC 1342) on social policy (incl.

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Academic Editors: Gerda Van Roozendaal (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) and Jan Orbie (Ghent University, Belgium)

Two are in Geneva. At P2 these are more or less entry level positions for ongoing staff. One is in San José and the other is in Suva. Each of these is a P4 position.