Papers and Digital Materials

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Silvana Sciarra Social Law in the Wake of the Crisis Working paper Jul 9, 2014
Rahul Sapkal To conciliate or not to conciliate: Empirical Evidence from Labour Disputes in India Working paper Apr 17, 2015
Rahul Sapkal Labour Law, Enforcement and the Rise of Temporary Contract Workers: Empirical Evidence from India’s Organised Manufacturing Sector Working paper Apr 17, 2015
Benjamin Sachs Unions, Corporations, and Political Opt-Out Rights After Citizens United Forthcoming in
Columbia Law Review
Oct 24, 2011
Supriya Routh Informal Workers’Aggregation and Law Jan 13, 2016
Supriya Routh The Reconciliation Project of Labour Law Oct 2, 2023
Supriya Routh Constituting a Right to Association: A Postcolonial Exploration Jun 23, 2021
Supriya Routh Examining the Legal Legitimacy of Informal Economic Activities Jun 23, 2021
César Rosado Marzán Punishment and Work Law Compliance: Lessons from Chile Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal
July, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
César Rosado Marzán Organizing Unions in the U.S. with International Framework Agreements: An Exploratory Study Forthcoming in
California Irvine Law Review
Mar 11, 2013