Papers and Digital Materials

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Iain Campbell, Joo-Cheong Tham Equal Treatment For Temporary Migrant Workers and the Challenges of Their Precariousness Working paper Jun 20, 2012
Iain Campbell, Joo-Cheong Tham Labour market deregulation and temporary migrant labour schemes: An analysis of the 457 visa program Australian Journal of Labour Law
December, 2013
Jan 15, 2014
Iain Campbell On-call and related forms of casual work in New Zealand and Australia Working paper May 10, 2018
Liam Campling From the Trenches Labour Standards Provisions in EU Free Trade Agreements: Reflections on the European Commission's Reform Agenda Nov 25, 2023
Liam Campling The Trade-Labour Nexus: Global Value Chains and Labour Provisions in European Union Free Trade Agreements Nov 25, 2023
Angelo Capuano Giving Meaning To ‘Social Origin’ In International Labour Organization (‘Ilo’) Conventions, The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) And The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth): ‘Class’ Discrimination and its relevance to the Australian Context. May 4, 2016
Bruno Caruso New Trajectories of Labour Law In the European Crisis. The Italian Case. Working paper Aug 11, 2014
Tatiana Chang Waldman, Ana Koury Immigration and precarious work in Brazil: legal changes, migration policies and labour rights Working paper Aug 6, 2015
Anna Chapman Australian Anti-Discrimination Law, Work, Care and Family Working paper Feb 1, 2012
Olga Chesalina Access to social security for digital platform workers in Germany and in Russia: a comparative study Working paper Jul 24, 2018